Chit Chat and Influencers

There’s always talk about how social media is the drive behind businesses today, it helps increase revenue and discover untapped markets and the desire of the consumer. But do we ever discuss how its influence on the fashion industry? Like when Burberry selected Brooklyn Beckham, son of David Beckham to shoot for their latest campaign.

People were mad, outrage was everywhere (it was complete mutiny) when Brooklyn Beckham revealed that he would be the photographer for Burberry’s campaign. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter users didn’t think twice before criticising Burberry AND Beckham, questioning why they didn’t choose an industry professional instead?

“Insulting to every artist out there”; “completely disrespectful to the artist community”; and “so tired of these celebrities buying their kids into everything” were typed and sent through every platform we know, but personally I think good on Burberry for making a choice that would ensure their sustainability, AND opening a space of creativity and opportunity.

What if Brooklyn does have talent? what if his skill was what caught the attention of Britains biggest luxury brand? or was it his 10 million following on Instagram? Now we’re talking! social influencers are called influencers for a reason. They have an audience they’ve built up through content curated by themselves on a daily basis, they have an audience which grows over time who dedicate themselves, take in what they do and emulate that into their own lives.

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@BrooklynBeckham my passion ❤

Burberry selected a social influencer for a reason, he has a key for aesthetics, keeps his Instagram in sync across all platforms, uses multiple mediums to create a story in his photos and let’s not forget he is RIDICULOUSLY good looking! and this is what could help give the brand the light breeze it needed to shift it a new and enlightening direction. And well this is the reality, the choice of Brooklyn as a photography was less about how well connected or skilled you are and more about how social media has flipped the fashion industry upside down.

It’s now your follower count rather than your experience, numbers have become a resume. People don’t follow a singular person because of just their fame, I don’t love Brooklyn but I love his Instagram and that’s WHY I follow him. If you have the ability to grow a following just from your aesthetic and communication with people, then surely you have the skill to have one of Britain’s largest luxury companies in the palm of your hand.

The internet is a movement, taking the world by storm, but more particularly the fashion industry, everyone from Gucci to Burberry knows this and they’re taking their steps to keep up with the ever-changing life of the internet. They aren’t called a fashion powerhouse for no reason.

Catch ya on the flip side,

kika ❤


Gucci, Memes and Social Media


Meme creator: @youvegotnomale

Gucci has absolutely dominated the world of street style, the creative direction of none other than Alessandro Michele has transcended the traditional luxury brand into a fashion cult, intriguing and none other than meme-worthy. And JUST when you thought Gucci seriously couldn’t get any better, they introduced their new #TFWGucci series – a collection of memes created by viral meme pages (@beigecardigan, @gothshakira, @williamcult) currently dominating the social media landscape. Genius? I’d say so

The Italian brand took its chances and collaborated with illustrators, artists and most importantly meme accounts, creating sassy and ‘relatable’ content to market their new ‘Le Marché des Merveilles’ watches. Think renaissance paintings with sassy one-liners, and there’s even an Arthur fist clench somewhere in there. Does this ‘meme’ (Lol) we’ve already reached the pinnacle of meme culture? maybe, but this does, in fact, prove the power of social media as a pivotal platform in the digital landscape. REAL TALK !! Did we as the users Instagram create the golden platform for Gucci’s campaign success? Here and there people claim that Gucci has just ‘won’ social media but really I think we won social media, and Gucci has come along for the ride.

We millennial’s, the ‘me me me’ generation or should i say the ‘meme’ generation are currently seen as the most threatening and relatively exciting (and yes, Netflix for the 5th night in a row is exciting) group yet. We’ve taken serious matters and turned them into viral jokes shared by millions (and their friends) daily, maybe meme’s are a way to help us cope with the suffering from the horrible international and socio-economic state the Baby Boomers abandoned us with? either way, we’re popularizing them so effectively that even Gucci wanted a part.
Gucci tapped into the world which garners the attention of the most digitally aware and goal driven generation every second. They cultivated their image to become socially relatable, and funny. Ultimately this was the ultimate long-term investment by the brand, despite the age group of meme viewers being unable to afford Gucci, it sure listed itself as one of their goals. It became a trendy step into the luxury market for millennial’s, and for their already dedicated baby boomer audience gave them a little hope that maybe they can feel 20 years younger with a meme-worthy watch on their wrist.

Despite some negative and cringe-worthy vibes some millennial’s may have felt and voiced about this campaign, it sure did spread digital conversation about the brand.
So all I can say is kudos to you Gucci, you sure saw an opportunity and you took it, and despite my current bank status, I want a part of it.

Catch ya on the flip side,

kika ❤